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Telephone: 07970 638929


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Bards Shellfish

Stand 16 & 17, Billingsgate Market,

Trafalgar Way, London E14 5ST

Telephone: 020 7538 2835

Office/Fax: 01708 867 279

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Telephone: 020 7538 2835


• Whelks • Winkles • Mussels Rope Grown • Cockles • Shore Crab • Crayfish • Sea Urchin • Abalone • Diver Scallop and Dredged Scallop • Frozen Shellfish • Venus Clam

• Poularde Clam • Hard Shell Clam • Armande Clam • Razor Clam • Geoduck  • Irish Oysters • French Oysters • English Oysters • Scottish Oysters • Native Oysters

• Smoked Cod Roe • Flying Fish Roe • Smoked Salmon • Seaweed Decoration • Edible Seaweed • Salmon Keta • Fresh Prawns • Raw and Cooked Squid Ink


Bards Shellfish of Billingsgate Market is the largest Shellfish company in London, we have been trading now for 19 years and have gained a reputation for quality.

Bards Shellfish is run by two brothers, Simon and Ben who pride themselves on selling only the best quality Shellfish and stocking a huge variety to choose from. There are 7 types of Clams, 3 types of Mussels and 4 types of Oysters to choose from as well as Cockles, Winkles, Whelks, Edible Seaweed, Sea Urchins and Abolone plus cooked and fresh Prawns. 

Our salesmen have been in the fish trade all their lives and have a vast knowledge and experience as to what product you may need. Please browse through our site and feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss your requirements.

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